Getting Started: Welcome to Silks!

aHeacsmE.pngGetting Started: Understanding where your assets are held

This guide will assist you in getting started with your Game of Silks assets. You will learn about what you need to get started, the different types of wallets, storing your NFTs and links to other relevant articles about the Silks ecosystem. 

Silks Avatars

 A Silks Avatar serves as your identity within the Silks ecosystem. Each Silks avatar consists of a distinct combination of colors, patterns, and other attributes that collectively create a one of a kind "coat of arms" or crest that appears on every asset you own in the Silks ecosystem. You must own a Silks Genesis Avatar in order to earn racing rewards. 

You can mint an avatar directly from the Silks website that gives you a random chance at a rare avatar. You can also purchase an existing Silks Genesis Avatar from our ea25a71ef3312aa9220be44fee238927.avif official OpenSea Collection.

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses are central to the Silks metaverse. When a real racehorse is born and registered as a thoroughbred racehorse in the United Stats, Silks will create a "digital clone" of the racehorse. This clone will track the lineage, physical traits, development, productivity, and life events of its counterpart in the real world.

Horses that are available for sale can be found on the 5f2fc446d31f6e29babc6409b222583a.avif Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses official OpenSea.


Silks Sky Falls Land

A key part of building your Silks dynasty is developing farms. Just like in real life, farms provide the necessary housing for Silks racehorses. Farms can begin at one acre and grow in size as contiguous land parcels are assembled and combined together with a Stable NFT.

Sky Falls will be the first location of the 202,500 acre Silks Metaverse to be released. To purchase Sky Falls Land, please visit the official c55401c0a9015e6abd9f9022c992273d.avif Sky Falls OpenSea page. 



Please see our onboarding guide for new users ready to get started!



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