How do I deliver my racehorse?

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorse Delivery

In order to deliver your racehorse, you first must own a Silks Series 1 Delivery Pass in either your MetaMask or Silks Wallet. For more assistance with wallet creation and purchasing assets, please visit the Getting Started article. 

  • Navigate to to proceed to the next step in the Silks Portal
  • This guide will show you how to delivery your racehorse using your Silks or MetaMask wallet.



Step 2

Sign into the Silks website with the wallet address that your Silks assets are located in. Make sure your Wallet is Connected to the site. To make sure your wallet is connected, 

Note: If the circle around your Avatar is not green, click on your Avatar Profile picture to bring up the wallet 'Balance' screen as shown above. Click the "Disconnected" grey button (if it appears) and wait for the code from MagicLink to be sent to your email. Once complete, you will be connected and your Avatar will be colored green. Additionally, you may be asked to verify your device for use within the Portal. MagicLink will send you an email as shown below. Click 'Approve this login'

Step 3


Click the "My Stable" tab at the top of the Portal. Your Silks Delivery Pass tokens will be shown here above any previously delivered racehorses.. Each of these represents one horse. Click and select the horse token(s) you wish to deliver. Click the "Reveal Horses" yellow button at the top of the screen. 

Note: After clicking Deliver Selected or Deliver All, your transaction will be brought to the confirmation screen before it processes, which will require a small amount of Ethereum. If you are a new user with a Silks Wallet, your walet has automatically be funded with $2 of ETH in order to process your transaction.

If gas is higher then expected, you may be required to add a couple of additional dollars in ETH. Please see this guide for more information: Getting Started: Funding your Silks Wallet from the Portal.  

Delivery may take a couple of minutes to process. Don't close your Browser or MetaMask extension while the transaction is still in progress.If you require further support with the Delivery process, please Submit a Request so our support team can assist you.

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