I bought my Avatar or Horse, how do I see it?



This guide will assist you in viewing your Silks assets. If you have yet to create a Silks Account, please see our guide

Asset Detail Views: Avatars

After creating your Silks Profile, you can now freely navigate the portal with wallet integration that allows you to better view your assets. Click the My Avatars tab at the top of your screen.


This is the Avatar page. You can view all of the Genesis Avatars in your wallet by selecting from your collection at the bottom. You can view your avatars' properties and a distinct 3D model. 



The second box in the top left will allow you to view your avatar in 3D. See it come to life as a representation of what its exact model will look like in the Silks Metaverse. 

Asset Detail Views: My Stable

From this screen, you can see all of the horses you currently own, along with all of their properties including their lineage and physical attributes. Like the avatar screen, you'll be able to freely select between all of your Silks horses to easily view their details.  

This page will also allow you to view the 3D model of your horse, along with several animations that help bring it to life. 




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