What benefits do I get from owning a Silks Genesis Avatar?



What Are Silks Avatars?

Introducing Silks Genesis Avatar Collection NFTs – beyond captivating PFP art with unparalleled utility. These avatars play a pivotal role in immersing yourself in the Game of Silks ecosystem in addition to offering numerous lifetime member benefits. 

  • In Game Brand & Legacy:
    • In Game of Silks a player’s Avatar represents their racing silks and in-game brand. This foundational digital asset is akin to a prominent family crest and signifies both ownership and identity. It is the visual representation of your dynasty.
  • The Artwork:
    • Collection Size: 7,500/10,000 (Currently Minted)
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Attributes: Approximately 200 unique attributes ensure the distinctiveness and exceptional quality of each NFT, creating an exclusive feel for your Silks identity online.
    • Rarity: Flex your unique identity and win in style! 
    • Minting: Provides a last opportunity to obtain an NFT with the most sought-after traits while supply lasts.

  • Unique Holder Benefits:
    • The ability to collect rewards from your racehorse
    • Full access to the online Silks’ Members Portal
    • Community membership pass
    • Annual Minting: Genesis Avatar holders enjoy special privileges, gaining exclusive access to mint each year's 2-year racehorses, primed and registered for upcoming races
    • Access to potential future giveaways and airdrops
    • Gateway to exclusive experiences and real-world events

The Genesis Avatar is instrumental in unlocking the complete functionality of Game Of Silks. In our dynamic game economy, securing your avatar is a strategic move for future-proofing your position, setting the stage for future access to minting, breeding, and collecting rewards for each season to come.

You can purchase a Genesis Avatar via our secondary marketplace in the Silks Portal!

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