What benefits do I get from owning a Silks Genesis Avatar?



Dynasty Silks

A Silks Avatar serves as your identity within the Silks ecosystem. Each Silks avatar consists of a distinct combination of colors, patterns, and other attributes that collectively create a one of a kind "coat of arms" or crest that appears on every asset you own in the Silks ecosystem. Similar to a team logo, the crest is the visual representation, or brand, of your Silks dynasty. It will appear at the entry to your farm or estate, draped on the walls of your stable, and on the blinkers and blankets of your racehorse. 

Racing Rewards

When your Silks avatar is minted, it is automatically registered with Game of Silks as verified Dynasty Silks and associated with your wallet. To receive racing rewards, you must own a Silks avatar in the same wallet as your racehorse.

Racing rewards are distributed based on a schedule that is published prior to each race.


Silks avatars have a variety of attributes with different levels of rarity, creating a collectable game within the game. Your selected avatar also serves as your visual identity in the game, letting you represent your dynasty in a truly unique way.

At the outset of the game, the rarity of an Avatar has no impact on the gameplay. This could change over time. 


Avatar holders will have the opportunity to access exclusive experiences, giveaways, and real life events. 


To learn more about how Genesis Avatars fit into our ecosystem, please check out our official Gameplay Document.

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