Navigating & Connecting to the Silks Portal

This is a comprehensive guide about the features and functionality of the Silks Portal. This guide will be updated to reflect newly released features.

Important Notes

  • The Silks Portal is currently only supported on desktop computers (Windows or Mac). Mobile functionality will be released in the coming months. 
  • Sign into your wallet that contains your Silks assets. The Silks Portal supports MetaMask, Venly, and most other wallet services through WalletConnect.
  • This guide will follow signing into the Silks Portal from a MetaMask wallet. If you purchased your Silks assets using Venly and would like to transfer them to MetaMask, check out our Venly transfer guide.


Connecting to the Silks Portal


Click the blue "Connect Wallet button. You'll be prompted to select from our wallet providers to proceed. If you're a Coinbase wallet user, the Coinbase extension will appear in place of the MetaMask icon



After clicking on your wallet provider, you will be prompted to a sign a message within your wallet extension. In this case, the MetaMask extension displays the initial connect message that authenticates your wallet within our system and on the blockchain.

Click "Sign"


You'll know if you successfully connected by seeing the green ON button next to your wallet address in the top right corner of the screen.

Click the blue "Complete Registration" button in the middle of your screen. 


Now is the time to set your official username within Game of Silks. Make sure you give this some good thought, as you will be unable to change this username once you create your account.

Enter your email address. This is not visible within the portal and allows Silks to send you notifications about all of the activities surrounding your Silks assets.

The wallet address section will automatically be filled in with your wallet address. Make sure this matches the MetaMask wallet that contains your Silks assets. 

Once you click Submit, an email confirmation will be sent to you. Navigate to your email and confirm your email address. Once completed, you can head back to the Silks Portal and log in once again.

Your Silks Portal should show a Success screen once you verify your email. Click "Go to Profile" to fill out more information in your profile. 


This page will allow you to edit your Silks Profile. All of the information on this screen is freely updateable, so you can make changes to it at any time. 

Dynasty NameThe public name that will represent your farm and stables. 

LocationYou can be as vague or specific as you'd like

About MeWrite a description about yourself so the community can get to know you better. 

Asset Detail Views: Avatars & Horses

After creating your Silks Profile, you can now freely navigate the portal with wallet integration that allows you to better view your assets. Click the Avatars tab at the top of your screen.8599c55a3a79aacaa051e5d04afe86ec.png

This is the Avatar page. You can view all of the Genesis Avatars in your wallet by selecting from your collection at the bottom. You can view your avatars' properties and two distinct 3D models. 

The first box near the top left of your screen will let you view your avatars racing silks. By clicking this button, you'll be given a full view of what your Silks will look like for each color of racehorse in the Silks catalog. 


The second box in the top left will allow you to view your avatar in 3D. See it come to life as a representation of what its exact model will look like in the Silks Metaverse. 


You can view all of your owned Silks horses by clicking the Horse tab at the top of your screen.


From this screen, you can see all of the horses you currently own, along with all of their properties including their lineage and physical attributes. Like the avatar screen, you'll be able to freely select between all of your Silks horses to easily view their details.  

This page will also allow you to view the 3D model of your horse, along with several animations that help bring it to life. 

Silks Marketplace


Currently, the Silks Marketplace does not contain any transaction functionality. You can view all of the assets in both the Genesis Avatar and Thoroughbred Racehorse Marketplace.

The Silks Marketplace allows you to sort by specific properties for both horses and avatars. 

Silks Land Map

In order to see your Silks Land parcels on the map, please navigate to the Silks Portal and sign into your account. Click the "Map" tab at the top of the Portal page.


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