Portal V1 Update: Sky Falls Land: Gameplay & Redemption


The Silks Team is happy to announce the release of the V1 version of our Portal, as well as the Metaverse map and land redemption functionality.  This functionality will allow users to mint their Sky Falls Land Parcel tokens onto the official map. This guide will assist you in redeeming and developing your land in Game of Silks. Make sure you have access to the wallet that your Sky Falls Land Parcels are locating in before proceeding.

Release Information

  •   There is an outstanding initial balance of 5975 parcels owned by the community to be redeemed      onto the map 

Important Notes

  • Silks will pre-mint the following acres onto the map prior to the March 1st release date. 
    • 144 acres: Hall of Silks - Location: Center of the Map
    • 100 acres: NYRA 
    • 100 acres: Tropical Racing 
  • These acres will appear as 'Landmarks' on the official Silks map

Land Development


Sky Falls is the first region of the Silks Metaverse being released. It is comprised of 25,000 1 acre lots. 

Private & Public Farms


Each parcel of land can house one horse. Upgrading your farm, or adding additional pieces of land to your farm, will allow you to stable additional horses.

The amount of contiguous acres you own will determine if your farm is private or public. Private farms are between 1-9 acres and only allow you to stable your own racehorses, 

Public farms are 10+ acres and allow you to accept stable requests from the public, opening up collaboration and diversification opportunities. Public farms can be between 10-100 acres in size and can only be expanded in increments of 10 contiguous lots. 


Sky Falls Redemption (Logic)


Each Parcel can be redeemed for a random acre of land within the Sky Falls region. When a user redeems their parcel, it will result in a new land NFT being minted and their parcel being burned. Redemption will be capped at 10 contiguous acres. Meaning, users can do bulk redemptions higher than 10 parcels at a time, but the maximum contiguous acres they will receive will be 10. For example, if a user redeems 9 acers they will receive 9 random contiguous acres on the map, but if they redeem 11, they will receive 10 random contagious in one location and the remaining acre is a separate random location. Visual examples are listed below:



The redemption contract will randomly mint up to 10 contiguous acres in one location that can be different shapes. 

  • The contract randomly mints 5 contiguous acres of land and send them in your wallet
  • A user with 14 land can submit their redemption in one transaction. The contract will randomly mint 10 contiguous acres in one location, and 4 contiguous acres in another. 
  • A user with 47 land can submit their redemption in one transaction. The contract will randomly mint 10 contiguous acres of land in 4 random locations, and then 4 contiguous acres in another location. 

Sky Falls Redemption: 1155 --> 721A


Comparative to the Sky Falls Unrevealed parcels, which are ERC-1155 tokens, the redeemed land you receive with coordinates will be a standard ERC-721A token. Every Silks Land parcel you own will be a separate NFT.



  • This video from our Head of Product Binny gives a detailed walkthrough of the redemption process
  • Please note that it will take up to 10 minutes for your newly redeemed parcels to appear on the map


Land - Sky Falls Utility


Sky Falls Land is rich in utility, offering every component a user may need to successfully launch their farm. Sky Falls Land has unique zoning rights that allow for Private Farms to be between 1-9 acres in size. In addition, each acre of land in the Sky Falls region contains an embedded Founders Stable that can house your horses. Sky Falls also allows for the expansion of up to 100 acres in size for public farms. Public farms can only be upgrades by acquiring 10 contiguous acres of land. 


If you have any questions, reach out in the Silks Discord or please feel free to Submit a Request and our team will answer any questions. Check out our Account Guide for more information on connecting to the Silks Portal.

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