Getting Started: Tracking Your Horses


This guide will assist you in using Equibase to track each of your Game of Silks horses in the real world. It'll allow you see a detailed view of your horses' bloodline information, training reports, and eventual race history. Although many Game of Silks two year old's are still unnamed, you can still locate and add them to your database using this website. Equibase is the official supplier of racing results, statistics, information and more. 

Create Your Account

Navigate to the Equibase website and click the My Account tab in the top right corner. The website will ask for your basic information, but the service and initial data that will be covered in this guide are completely free. 

At the top right of the page, under my account, click Virtual Stable.


To begin adding horses to your stable, open up a new tab in your web browser. Search "Dam's Foal Search" on your Google browser. The first resulting web page will be an Equibase link. Click this to proceed. 


The Dam's Foal Search will allow you to easily search for all of your Silks horses and directly add them to your Virtual Stable. The Year of Birth will be 2021 for Season 1 racehorses and 2022 for Season 2 racehorses.  Under Dam's name, navigate to your Silks horse and find the name of the Broodmare (mother). The terms Broodmare and Dam are interchangeable. 

After clicking submit, you will be redirected to the Equibase page of your horse. Horses without names will also still appear. 


Our example horse, 2021 Ladywarbucks sired by Vino Rosso, doesn't have a name. We can see its indicated by the state it was born in, which will match your Pedigree. This page will allow you track its training reports and data as it becomes available. Click 'Add to Virtual Stable' under the Career Statistics header. 

After navigating back to your Virtual Stable, you can see all of your tagged horses listed.


Horses without names will appear as blank, so we suggest Commenting the name of the horse so you can better identify it in your Virtual Stable. When the name becomes available, it will automatically update and provide a direct link to the Equibase profile itself. 



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