How do I connect a hardware wallet to the Silks Portal?

The need for hardware wallets within the Web 3 industry is at an all time high. Since the inception of our project, Silks has been encouraging individuals to keep their assets as safe as possible by moving them to a cold storage wallet. This guide will assist you in preparing your cold storage wallet for use within the Silks Portal and ecosystem. 

This guide will model the use of Ledger within the Silks ecosystem.

Notes about using cold storage wallets

  • The use of a cold storage wallet does not completely prevent phishing attacks. Users still have to remain diligent in the links being clicked and sites connected to best protect their assets. These devices add an additional security step in case you navigate to a site or DApp by mistake. 
  • When using your cold storage wallet, whether on OpenSea or within the Silks Portal, it must be plugged into your computer with the Ethereum application open and "Ready". Otherwise, transactions won't be able to initiate. 
  • Every signature and transaction must be confirmed manually on your device. This is important for all Silks transactions and on OpenSea.


Step 1: Loading your Cold Wallet into MetaMask

Your Ledger will be loaded into MetaMask and appear under your account section with the rest of your wallets. Please note that the use of a cold storage wallet does not completely prevent phishing attacks, but will add an additional verification step to make sure the user is aware of what they are connecting to.




Navigate to your MetaMask wallet. Click your profile picture icon in the top right corner of your wallet. You'll see a "Connect hardware wallet" button. Click to proceed.

3ddedca5f500ab97cd6e8abc41fc820e.pngYou'll now be prompted to select your cold storage wallet. For the purposes of this guide, we will be proceeding with Ledger. Make sure your device is plugged into your computer and pair it to your device.





Now, select the wallet address associated with your Silks assets. This will be one of your cold storage wallet's addresses listed. Once selected, click Unlock. Your Ledger wallet will now appear as "Ledger 1" next to all of your other MetaMask wallets. 


Step 2: Blind Signing

Blind signing is a functionality that allows for more enhanced security on the backend of cryptocurrency transactions. By disabling this, we are allowing connectivity to DApps like the Silks Portal. Again, please note that a cold storage wallet does not completely prevent hacks, but provides extra security steps to prevent you from proceeding. 

  1. Connect your Ledger device to your computer or mobile device.

  2. Enter your PIN code on your Ledger device to unlock it.

  3. Use the left or right button on your Ledger device to navigate to the "Settings" menu and press both buttons to confirm.

  4. Navigate to the "Blind signing" option and press both buttons to enable it.

**Step 3: Connecting to the Silks Portal**

Now that your device is set up, you're now ready to navigate and connect to the Silks Portal. Make sure you're hardware wallet is selected in MetaMask when attempting to connect.

Create your Silks Account. Click Sign-Up in the top right corner, and click "Sign-Up with existing wallet". Select MetaMask from below for the purpose of this guide. 



Your hardware wallet address will be filled into the box automatically. Once you verify your email address and account, you are ready to proceed. 

Please login to the Silks Portal using your username and password. Initially, this will not require wallet connection. 



Click the blue "Connect Account Wallet" button and proceed through the flow. 

You may be asked to provide a signature to confirm. 





You are now connected to the Silks Portal! Please note that your wallet will only needs to be connected when you are taking action within the Portal. (Future Stabling, Land, and Syndication functionality.)

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