Claiming Rewards: Identity Verification

Claiming Rewards: Identity Verification

As the racing season begins, it is essential for all participants to understand the identity confirmation or KYC (Know Your Customer) process within the Silks platform. This guide will walk you through the KYC process, which ensures that payouts are credited to your wallet when you earn rewards. You can find a detailed video walkthrough above from our Head of Product, Binny. 

Couple items of note:

  • All users wishing to claim rewards must hold a Genesis Avatar within the same wallet/Portal account. If you have yet to create a Portal account, check out our Portal Guide.
  • If you do not own a Silks Avatar at the time of the contest settlement, the rewards will be stored in our database and logged, but won't be distributed to the account. Once your identity confirmation is processed, your rewards will be available for claim.
  • If you own an Avatar, the system will check to see if the account has completed the identity confirmation step. If this step has not been completed, the rewards will be stored and held in the account and will be eligible for claiming after the identity confirmation has been completed. 

Identity Confirmation Steps

  • Navigate and Sign-In to the Silks Portal. 
  • Once signed in, click the 3 lines in the top right corner next to the notification bell. This will appear next to your stable name. 
  • Within the Settings menu, click the Account tab.


At the bottom of this tab, you'll see the Identity Verification menu. Click Confirm Identity to Proceed.


This will open an external window prompting your Identity Verification. Click Continue on the initial screen to proceed. 

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All users will be prompted to select their country of residence from the dropdown menu. This will prompt screens specific to your native country and ask for information based on your location. US users can enter their phone number beginning with +1


After entering your phone number, you'll be prompted to verify via a code that will be sent over text message. 


The next screen will ask for more basic information. These fields will be updated based on the country of residence you choose.


Click Confirm & Continue to complete your Identity Verification. Note that Silks does not have access to your data, as it is stored by a third-party KYC provider.



Head back over to the Silks Portal. You should see the confirmed Identity Verification check at the bottom of the Account tab. You are now all set to receive racing rewards!

Make sure to follow these steps to ensure that your rewards are processed correctly and sent directly to your wallet. Enjoy the racing season and good luck in earning rewards!


After the identity process has been confirmed, all rewards will be claimed via the Portal under the Rewards tab. 

Anyone experiencing difficulties with the Identity Verification process should Submit a support request.



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