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We first want to thank you, the community, for standing by us and your desire to see us build a real company in Thoroughbred Racing, Web3, & Fantasy Sports. We want to give a huge welcome to our new President and COO Ron Luniewski. Formerly CEO of and President of XpressBet, Ron is excited to be joining Silks to help us scale and deliver. 

Our main focus of late has been on the Silks Portal and Race functionality. We have been working diligently with the Jockey Club to integrate their data into our platform. This has been a lengthy process and we are excited to be a centralized hub for all things thoroughbred racing. We are creating new ownership experiences, ways of tracking your athlete(s), and playing the game. Now that our marketing efforts have expanded, we are excited to be adding new features to help propel us into our next racing season.

Talking Points/Community Questions

Game Economy/Rewards

  • We are focused on continuing our simple onboarding with credit card processing, plus Ethereum payouts. 
  • Our model will contract and expand based on our success. Supply and Demand will affect the economics of our game and payout percentages. 
    • We plan to operate our model responsibly and create a sound economy for our community and the game itself. We want to create sustainability and growth for everyone involved

Future Releases

  • We have a critical path in place to ensure that what we deliver is thoughtful in addressing both our short and long term goals and promises
    • This includes ensuring we are releasing products without bugs and pinpointing release dates with notification.

Land Sale

  • Our Click & Mint Land Map is almost ready for release
  • Once the land sale is completed, we will provide the release date and instructions for Stabling. 
    • Remember that horses and land are on a 1:1 ratio; You need 1 parcel of land to house each horse that you own

Founders Participation in Discord

  • Passive approach
  • Our founders are present, and relay all important feedback and information to our Community Team in order to address issues. 
    • Dan and Troy are constantly checking in and will do their best to reach out and say hello.

Sport of Kings

  • Racing season only started this last April and we are excited to power into the rest of this season and into next racing season.
    • Dan has had a couple of horses race but has yet to break his Maiden!

OG5k Airdrop

  • We are committed to fulfilling our promise of delivering a high value asset to our holders of Avatars below #5000


  • We do not have staking on our roadmap
  • We will continue to give enhanced utility to Genesis Avatars and create fun ways for people to engage and earn rewards
  • The plan is to sell out of the Genesis Avatar collection prior to introducing a new Avatar collection to engage new players.
    • These Avatars will not have the same utility as Genesis Avatars. Our goal is to create unmatched value for our Genesis collection. 


  • All of our data is transparent on the blockchain
  • Every dollar we've collected and reward we've paid out is on the blockchain for viewing
  • We intend to soon start publishing leaderboards and different ways of showing our distribution. 

Communication to the Community

  • We are going to make as many efforts as we can to make sure that anyone in the community feels like we are speaking to them.
  • Want to create a new cadence and rhythm for our company in regards to communicating updates

Breeding Rewards

  • We are still thinking about the amount of breeding rewards and different types of engagement for the long term value of these horses.
  • Want to create the same excitement and value propositions that are in the real world.


  • Our intention is to build the most significant horse racing portal ever seen in the sport.
  • We will rebuild our content and writing team
  • Ensuring that we are a source for all things thoroughbred racing

International Horses

  • We are looking at Canada and making sure that we are reaching out and starting to create a relationship with the race tracks in Canada and then add the data and information that will help us pay rewards for Canadian races.
    • Troy is in extensive conversations for additional partnerships with tracks both domestically and internationally.

Wrap Up

  • It's only been 15 months since we started this game.
  • Lots of announcements and new partners coming soon
  • We are building a world class product.


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