Getting Started: Transferring Assets to your Silks Wallet




This guide outlines the procedures for transferring assets into your Silks Wallet. Please login to the Silks Portal using your newly created account. At the top, click on your stable name to reveal this balance screen shown above. 

Step 1: Copy the wallet address if your Silks wallet. As indicated in the screenshot, to the right of the green "Connected" button displays your Silks Wallet address. Click the paper icon to the right to Copy it to your computer or phone's clipboard. 

Step 2: Locate the MetaMask wallet that contains your Silks assets, and sign in to MetaMask or Coinbase. 


Step 3: Navigate to the official OpenSea website and click "Connect Wallet" as indicated in the screenshot above. Once you approve the connection for your wallet, the Connect wallet tab will change to your wallet information. Click the profile icon to view your assets. 


Step 4: Hovering over one of your assets will show List for Sale with 3 dots next to it, click these dots and proceed to 'More Options'. Click "Select". Now, you can simply click on each asset you wish to send to continue with a bulk transfer (this saves gas).


Step 5: Click "Transfer" as indicated in the screenshot. 


Step 6: In the "Address" bar, paste your new Silks Wallet address. Proceed back to Step 1 in a new tab if the Paste function doesn't work. Please note the below screenshot is applicable for Coinbase wallets.


Step 7: Review and confirm the transaction. Please note that transfers require a gas fee; This fee changes depending on the network conditions as well as how many assets you are attempting to send at once. For more information about gas fees, click here.


If you require further assistance with this process, please open a support ticket.

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