The Silks Wallet



This guide will assist you with setting up and learning about your Silks Wallet! This wallet creates seamless fluidity between your account, the site and the Portal. Silks Wallets are secure and safeguarded by our partners, MagicLink. Magic enables blazing-fast, hardware-secured, passwordless login and Web 3 onboarding.


Need to know: 

Creating a Silks Wallet

Step 1: Head to the official Silks website. At the top in the middle, click the orange "Sign Up" button


Step 3: Fill in your account information. The email you select will be tied to your Silks Account! Your username will be visible to users who view your assets from within the Silks Portal.

Note: Passwords must contain at least one number and 1 special character


Step 4: Verify your email address. Please navigate to your email inbox from within the same browser you used to sign up. You'll have received an email asking to authenticate your new Silks account. (EX: Opening Gmail on your Google Chrome browser).


Step 5: Once verified, Sign In to the account you just created!


The wallet creation process will begin. To proceed, click the yellow "Create a Silks Wallet" button. Once you click create wallet, a code will be emailed to you.


Step 6: Enter the email verification code. An external link will be pulled up. 


Copy and paste the code into the white popup box that says "Secured by Magic" at the bottom, as showed above. 

Step 7: Finalization


Once complete, you will be signed into your new Silks Wallet as displayed above. Your username and account balance will be positioned in the upper right corner. 


To the right of the connected button, you will see an address beginning with 0x. This is your Silks Wallet Address. To copy your Silks Wallet address, click the two paper icons next to the last digit. 

Note: If the circle around your Avatar is not green, click on your Avatar Profile picture to bring up the wallet 'Balance' screen as shown above. Click the "Disconnected" grey button (if it appears) and wait for the code from MagicLink to be sent to your email. Once complete, you will be connected and your Avatar will be colored green. Additionally, you may be asked to verify your device for use within the Portal. MagicLink will send you an email as shown below. Click 'Approve this login'


After you click Approve this login, the Silks Portal screen might show a new place for a verification code. MagicLink will send you one more email with a code; paste this into the box and you will be connected!

Now that your wallet is created and for more information on the next steps, please see the following guides:

Getting Started: Funding your Silks Wallet

Getting Started: Transferring Assets to your Silks Wallet

If you require assistance, please open a support ticket.

- No Silks team member will ever ask for your private key.
- Don’t ever paste your private key in an social media apps.

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