What are the differences between Silks Thoroughbred Collections?


Silks maintains two distinct OpenSea Marketplace profiles for our horses. 

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses: This is the official thoroughbred collection. You can search and select individual horses by their broodmare or Sire name. Each specific Silks horse has traits that makeup their pedigree and bloodline that allows for easy filtering. The list of traits represented among all Silks racehorses are: 

  • Name: The horses name. Note: Most Silks horses are classified as "2021 (Broodmare name)"
  • Auction Price: If the information is public, the price the horse sold for at auction
  • Color: The color of the horse in the real world. (Bay, Dark Bay/Brown, Chestnut, Roan, Black or White)
  • Sire: Father of the horse
  • Broodmare: Mother of the horse
  • Broodmare Sire: The father of the broodmare (Maternal grandfather of the Silks horse)
  • Sex: Gender of the horse; Colt = Male, Filly = Female, Gelding = Male castrated horse
  • Ownership Type: This references Syndication functionality, which has yet to be released
  • Stable: Currently, all horses are housed in the Community Stable.
  • Delivery Status: If this trait says "Delivered", this horse is owned by another user. 

All horses from the Silks Catalog live in this collection.


Silks Series 1 Delivery Pass: A Silks delivery pass can directly be exchanged for a random horse within the Silks Catalog. This collection represents the home for all Delivery Passes, both used and unused. The delivery process involves exchanging your Delivery Pass for a random horse that comes from the official Silks Thoroughbred Racehorse collection. 

For more information about Delivery, please see this guide.





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