Recipient Wallet: Where do I receive my rewards?


Silks rewards are directly processed to the wallet associated with your Silks Account. For more information about your account, please see Getting Started: Your Silks Account and "The Silks Wallet (article)."

To copy your Silks Wallet address, click the paper icon to the right of the address listed next to the "Connceted" bar as shown above. 

Prior to being ready to receive rewards, you must first complete the Identity Verification for your account. The attached guide will assist you with this process. 

Please note: At the post time of the race your horse has been entered to, the horse and reward is tied to the wallet that it's located in. If your horse ends up earning rewards from this race, you must leave this horse in the same wallet in order to claim the reward. Meaning, you cannot transfer the horse to a separate wallet to claim rewards for this race after its been completed.

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