Silks Return Policy


Season 2 Return Policy

  • Season 2 returns will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Season 2 Silks horses that are eligible for returns must be minted and returned from the same wallet. Horses bought on the secondary market are not eligible for a return through the Silks return policy.
  • Silks racehorses eligible for returns are those that have passed away before purchase ("minting")
  • Once an owned Silks racehorse has completed a workout, it is no longer eligible for a return. 
  • Season 2 Silks racehorses that haven't worked out or raced on North American soil will be eligible for a refund
  • If a Season 2 Silks racehorse has substantial evidence of being shipped out of North America before having raced or worked out on North American soil, it will be eligible for a refund
  • EX: If a horse has a recorded workout in North America, then is shipped overseas, it will not be eligible for a refund.
  •  Disclaimer: All refunds are final. If a horse returns to North America to race, users will not be able to re-swap their new token for the original horse. 

Silks Policy for Submitting a Season 2 Return Request

Users are required to submit their return requests through Zendesk on the Return Policy tab. Upon submission, users will typically receive an email from Silks within 48 hours, acknowledging receipt of their request and informing them that it is under review. All reviews will be concluded within 14 days. When submitting a request, please ensure that any relevant information regarding your horse is provided.  The following is the required information when submitting a return request:

  • User's wallet address
  • Date of purchase
  • Name of the horse
  • Token ID
  • Description of why you are requesting a refund, with all additional information


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